Midwest Roadtrip 2017: Day Seven

Our final day on this trip was spent mostly driving.  We made it all the way from Billings, Montana to Minot, North Dakota on this day!  We only made one major stop:

Makoshika State Park

Makoshika State Park is located in Glendive, Montana.  It is Montana’s largest state park!  We only got to spend a couple of hours here, but the entry cost is cheap (even for out-of-staters), and the area is so unique that we know we’ll be returning in the future to explore it more fully.  During our short stint, we did one hike on the Bluebird Trail.

From the small part of this state park that we were able to explore, the biggest thing noticed was how desert-like the area was.  Being from Arizona, this was something we were comfortable and familiar with, and in a way even fond of.  It felt a little bit like home with all the dried waterways and cacti lining the trail.

It was probably this aspect of Makoshika State Park that made me and Fabian comfortable with going off the trail a bit with Skyler to climb some formations and check out some caves.  Forested areas can be so dense, and you never know what might be on the other side of some trees!  Desert areas are pretty open, and we’ve learned the ropes enough to have had a decent idea of what we were getting into.  It was worth it!  We satisfied our adventurous spirits enough to keep all three of us sated for the remainder of the car ride home.

Final Thoughts

For our first road trip with Skyler, we felt as though everything was pretty successful!  We made excellent time driving throughout the entire trip, had several brand new experiences, and brought our attention to some awesome sights that we’re going to need to visit in the future!

Here’s a list of the spots that may make it into our itinerary next time:

  • Enchanted Highway
  • Glacier National Park
  • Lava Lake Trailhead
  • Makoshika State Park
  • Miles City Sports Complex
  • Oasis Waterpark
  • Outlaw Canyon Adventures
  • Painted Canyon
  • Pictograph State Park
  • Pompey’s Pillar National Monument
  • Red Lodge Ramble
  • Reef Indoor Waterpark
  • Storm Castle Trail
  • Wise Wonder Children’s Museum
  • Wolf & Grizzly Discovery Center
  • Yellowstone National Park

Have you ever been to Makoshika State Park?  Do you know any awesome spots in the Montana area that I need to add to my list?  Share your thoughts below! (:

Safety disclaimer: When hiking, always be aware of the wildlife that could be present on a trail, and take the necessary precautions.  Just because I haven’t seen it yet doesn’t mean it isn’t there, or that you won’t see it!  Additionally, make sure to follow all safety protocols as outlined by the recreation departments in charge of each site you choose to visit.  Be safe and prepared.

Medical disclaimer: As always, consult a physician before you and/or your child begin an exercise regimen or engage in rigorous outdoor activity. The general information above is not meant to replace the advice of a medical professional.  If you experience any problems or have concerns when engaging in physical activity, stop and contact a doctor before proceeding with additional workouts.

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