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Our family consists of five wonderfully unique individuals: Sarah (myself), Fabian, Skyler, Kovu, and Diana.  Our journey began with two teenagers volunteering at a local animal shelter.  Fast forward to marriage, a couple degrees, the military, two dogs, and an adopted child, and you get a glimpse of our current circumstances!  Our family is growing, but we’re still dedicated to an adventurous lifestyle and ensuring that the newest (human) addition to our family is just as hungry for exploration as we are.  Throughout our posts you’ll see how we maintain excitement in our daily lives, and we hope you’ll find what you need to add some to yours as well!



Between the ages of 22 and 23, I went from life as a newly married college graduate and travel enthusiast to life as a first-year teacher and primary caregiver to my younger brother, Skyler.  Needless to say, it’s been quite a rollercoaster!  Much of what you’ll find on this site are the methods I’ve used to balance my own personal endeavors with my responsibilities as a parent.  This isn’t always an easy task — I’m passionate about traveling, art, fitness, cooking, and teaching, along with about 689 other things.   Skyler comes along for the ride as I tackle new adventures, expanding his education and horizons in the process.  I wish the same for you as you move forward with your own ventures! 🙂



As you read this, Fabian is probably wearing basketball shorts and a T-shirt, complaining that I haven’t read Speaker of the Dead while simultaneously also not reading Speaker of the Dead.  Fabian is the homebody in our family; given the choice, he usually thinks that we should stay in.  However, his thirst for adventure rivals even mine when it comes to hiking trails (particularly those that end in waterfalls).  Given that the state we currently live in has no waterfalls — okay, there’s one, but it’s very tiny — convincing him to go on trips has been easier lately!  Still, he is the much needed down-to-Earth force keeping us all within the realm of reality, and we appreciate him for it.



At five years old (six years old in July!), Skyler has revealed himself to be a pint-sized bottle rocket of intelligence and mischief, always filled to the brim with energy!  He joined our family in September of 2016 and has been adding humor, excitement, and (admittedly) more than a little stress to our household ever since.  His current passions include soccer, card games, and tic-tac-toe.  However, he is doing a grand job at following our lead; in addition to the interests above, he is also beginning to crave our family hikes, morning runs, and rock climbing excursions more and more often.  At the same time, we’re doing our best to learn from his carefree and social nature.  He is fearless!  We’re enjoying watching him grow physically, intellectually, and in experience every day!


Kovu and Diana

 Kovu is a two year old Siberian Husky.  Comparatively, Kovu is a small body, but he makes up for it with his big personality!  He enjoys runs, the dog park, toys that Diana is playing with, and movie cases.  Diana is less than a year old and recently joined our family.  She is a German Shepherd/Husky mix, and she thinks she runs the house.  She bonded quickly with Kovu, and spends time with him by playing together, eating out of each others’ food dishes, and digging out of the backyard.


Questions about our family, or any members of it?  Let me know and I’ll be happy to share more information! (: